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Raw Shapes Ready for Paint

We currently have a range of four different shapes that are designed, owned, patented and stocked at ColorFrog. Due to increasing demand, more are on the way!

We call these shapes universal shapes* because these do not belong to our customers but are shapes that we have developed for the correct representation of colour and that can be freely used by anyone.

Good representation of colours demands shape-design that possesses all the right forms for light reflection and diffraction, namely: convex, concave, flat and corner, both in horizontal and vertical planes.

This is the way to properly display paint ... the ColorFrog way.

* these are also called "speed shapes"

Raw ABS , Noryl or Aluminium Shapes: Optimal Mediums

At ColorFrog we are aware that not every customer requires a customised shape for paint display.

Some of our customers do not require custom shapes and are satisfied if a shape has properties that would enable them to display their coatings.

Our shapes are usually made of stable ABS plastic (which is the same material that car manufacturers use for some auto body parts). This material is proven and well suited for painting purposes.

Conveniently shipped in boxes, these shapes -or car models- are ideally suited for quick and cost-effective solutions that don't need a specific brand identity but require a stable and well designed shape that will convey colours in a realistic manner.

Unlike others in this business, ColorFrog only sells universal shapes that a) are made of new material, b) have gone through a stabilisation period -when required-, c) have a smooth and even surface and d) have walls that are thick enough to provide a reliable paint surface and structure.

Depending on coatings baking temperature, ColorFrog can supply speed shapes that are based on different materials that will be adequate for a wide range of temperatures. Examples of this are our Noryl and Aluminium speed shapes.

We have seen it all from unprofessional suppliers: thin material that is not opaque enough for proper paint display, surfaces that aren't smooth enough due to incorrect moulding technique, unstable material that distorts a painted surface over time, visible edge-markings or attachment points that distract the observer from the true protagonist: displayed painted colour. The simple ColorFrog philosophy: Quality above all.


Raw Shapes

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  • Shape Design for Colour Displays, mainly shapes resembling scale model cars but also abstract paint chips.
  • Paint Chip Manufacturing in Small or Large Batches (mainly shapes resembling scaled model cars).
  • Shape Painting in Customer-Defined Colours with tight colour variance.
  • Standard Shapes, Painted or Unpainted.
  • Distribution of Units and Kits for all the Above.


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