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Our Main Products & Services

  • Design

  • We offer shape-design suited to your colour-display needs and brand identity.

  • Custom Shape Production

  • We produce and supply plastic or metal shapes that match your designs.

  • Colouring

  • We provide painted chips that reflect the true colours of your product.

  • Universal Shapes

  • We supply our own universal raw shapes to colour-labs around the world.

Key Features of our "colorfrogs" & Services


We call our colour chips "colorfrogs". Usually these are designed and patented by us or by us on behalf of our clients.

 Colofrogs Material  

Usually produced using ABS injection moulding. Other materials and methods are used on a case by case basis.

Shape & Colour Input  

It's up to our customers to establish how much consulting they require concerning design and colour.



Premium quality paints and professional painting process used throughout production with either OEM or Aftermarket coatings.

  Unlimited Colours

We pride ourselves in being extremely precise when it comes to colour matching any of our customers' paints.

  Control from A-to-Z

We control the full production and worldwide shipment of your shapes from A-to-Z, guaranteeing a worry-free experience.

Some Figures

20 +

Years in Business

Operating from Italy and Switzerland.


Of Large and Small Happy Customers

Mainly in the Automotive and Pigment Industries but growing in other industries too.

1'000,000 +

Sold Shapes

In five continents with thousands of individual destinations.

A Typical Roadmap

The Consulting / Exploration Phase

We work side by side with our clients, ideating and developing -when necessary-, a suitable solution for its colour-display needs. These ideas are then translated into one or more prototypes that serve the purpose of further discussions and iterations until we achieve the desired solution. A solution would consist of different elements: one or more shapes, a set of defined colours, display structures and accessories, packaging, logistics, additional specifications such as weight, naming, material, CAD designs, patents, required approvals, etc. With all these definitions, a final budget is established and agreed.

Managing The Project

A timeplan is established, milestones defined and responsible persons named in a project charter. Through-out the project, we review with the client how we are doing in terms of plans and expectations. We pride ourselves of achieving high satisfaction levels and responsibly working out with our customers any problem that might arise.

Production & Distribution

We roll-out the production process and verify that production is actually matching agreed specifications. We make special emphasis during the initial phase before the full process is stable and adjust methods as required.

The Next Colours & Shapes

We usually enjoy repeated business with our customers given the satisfaction levels that we achieve. New shapes, colours and areas for distribution are considered and incorporated into the ongoing solution.

Why 3d Paint Chips?


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The Clients List

  • Thierry Präzisionslackiertechnik
  • HMG Paints Limited
  • Rilit Lackfabik
  • Palini Paints
  • Merck
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About ColorFrog

Color display specialists with more than 20 years of experience and several top automotive industry leaders as customers.

Keep in Touch

  info (@) colorfrog.com
  +41 415 081 456 
  Riedmatt 32, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Top Services & Products

  • Shape Design for Colour Displays, mainly shapes resembling scale model cars but also abstract paint chips.
  • Paint Chip Manufacturing in Small or Large Batches (mainly shapes resembling scaled model cars).
  • Shape Painting in Customer-Defined Colours with tight colour variance.
  • Standard Shapes, Painted or Unpainted.
  • Distribution of Units and Kits for all the Above.


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