Our History

  • 1997 - Our Company Was Founded
  • 1997 - 1st die-cast shapes
  • 2001 - 1st plastic-injected shapes
  • 2003 - 1st global customer
  • 2005 - 1st extruded Aluminium shape
  • 2006 - 1st thermoformed colorfrog
1st Shapes

Who Are We: Purpose Defines Us

  • ColorFrog is a business with the aim to communicate the distinctive power and meaning of colour through 3-dimensional objects.
  • We do this to facilitate our customers' clientele decision-making process as well as our customers' own colour-picking or colour-formulation exploration.
  • ColorFrog has many years of experience in producing top quality products for our clients worldwide.
  • We guarantee top 3-Dimensional shapes that display true colour representations (like original car paint) using our Italian design flair.
  • We are committed to enthuse exceptional and distinctive brand recognition in your "colorfrog" shapes.
  • ColorFrog is a team specialised in translating our customers' existing or future product design, into condensed and representative coloured shapes. Coloured shape-design may go from real-product-inspired shapes to the more abstract and functional.
  • We are a well knitted small team that is able to iterate fast and develop highly customised products for our demanding clientele.


Why 3d Paint Chips?


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Why To Choose Us

  • 100% Dedication

    Being small and having large customers has the advantage of being extremely responsive and flexible to customers' demands.
  • Marketing & Design Language

    In addition to purchasing departments, we usually deal with marketing, design, colour and trim departments and speak with them in efficient and specific terms.
  • Focusedly Efficient

    Coloured shapes is what we do. That gives us two advantages over generalists: 1) Quality and 2) Speed while keeping costs under control. We can quickly iterate a tailored solution for you and get it production-ready in little time while keeping a high quality standard.
  • Process Control

    We control -or directly own- every single aspect of the design and manufacture of our products. This provides us an edge in terms of quality over our competitors that are unable to provide a constant and predictable product.
  • A Shaper's Experience

    We've been in business for +20 years. We have seen all things that can go right or wrong in design, prototyping, tooling, shape manufacturing, coatings and worldwide distribution. We have learned, improved and know what to avoid.
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Our Skills

Design 95%


Prototyping 90%


Project Execution 95%


Product Quality 100%


Customization / Flexibility 95%




About ColorFrog

Color display specialists with more than 20 years of experience and several top automotive industry leaders as customers.

Keep in Touch

  info (@) colorfrog.com
  +41 415 081 456 
  Riedmatt 32, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Top Services & Products

  • Shape Design for Colour Displays, mainly shapes resembling scale model cars but also abstract paint chips.
  • Paint Chip Manufacturing in Small or Large Batches (mainly shapes resembling scaled model cars).
  • Shape Painting in Customer-Defined Colours with tight colour variance.
  • Standard Shapes, Painted or Unpainted.
  • Distribution of Units and Kits for all the Above.


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