Special Events Shapes - We Do It !

  • Shape Design

    • Design/Objectives briefing
    • Ad-hoc design
    • Material Choice: Plastic type / Aluminium
    • Proposed technique
  • Shape Manufacturing

    • Shape execution
    • Painting when required
    • Assembly accessories when part of the scope
  • Shape Shipment

    • Packaging
    • Shipping
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Our dedication to creative thinking, craftsmanship and customer needs satisfaction moved us to explore and to become a special-events shape manufacturing house.
We focus on our strengths, and take pride in our ability to create compelling visuals quickly.

We design and execute any colour-display shape, large or small, that will serve as a means to display your design and colours as well as a prop to communicate your corporate story.

Composed of a dedicated group of individuals, ColorFrog is always looking forward to beginning the conversations that lead to the creation of meaningful results.

Coloured shape design and execution is the art of merging communication, style, chromatic function and problem-solving through the use of form, material and light.


The Clients List

  • Thierry Präzisionslackiertechnik
  • HMG Paints Limited
  • Rilit Lackfabik
  • Palini Paints
  • Merck
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About ColorFrog

Color display specialists with more than 20 years of experience and several top automotive industry leaders as customers.

Keep in Touch

  info (@) colorfrog.com
  +41 415 081 456 
  Riedmatt 32, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Top Services & Products

  • Shape Design for Colour Displays, mainly shapes resembling scale model cars but also abstract paint chips.
  • Paint Chip Manufacturing in Small or Large Batches (mainly shapes resembling scaled model cars).
  • Shape Painting in Customer-Defined Colours with tight colour variance.
  • Standard Shapes, Painted or Unpainted.
  • Distribution of Units and Kits for all the Above.


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